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Repair Service

Repair Service

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Specialists for the Marshall and Battle Creek area.

When you need work done on your home’s heating and cooling system in the Battle Creek, Marshall and Greater Calhoun County area, whether it’s standard maintenance or an emergency repair, give Kidder Heating and Air Conditioning a call and receive:
8 to 8 HVAC repair service

  • a firm, up front quote
  • a written warranty
  • 8 to 8, same great rate
  • Major credit cards accepted for all Kidder services.

8:00 to 8:00 Same Great Rate

For standard repairs and maintenance, you can schedule a Kidder service technician to be at your home from the early morning or into the evening hours without incurring costly overtime charges. It’s Kidder’s “8 to 8, Same Great Rate” policy that only charges standard rates from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We recognize people can’t always be home during a standard work day because they’re likely to be at work themselves. So some of Kidder’s technicians schedule their regular work day through the evening hours to make things easy on your schedule and your budget.

Emergency Repair Service Available 24/7/365

emergency repair serviceSome repairs can’t wait. When you need an emergency repair, Kidder’s team of expert HVAC technicians are ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We offer a reasonable emergency repair rate to bring your furnace or air conditional back into operating order.

Save Money on Repairs and Maintenance of Your HVAC and Air Quality Systems

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Furnace Repair

NATE Certified
Problems in residential furnaces can be as simple as a faulty thermostat, to obstructed air flows, ignition issues or burners needing adjustment. For the home owner, it doesn’t really matter. It’s cold outside and the furnace isn’t doing its job to keep the air warm inside. It needs fixing, and if it’s really, really cold outside, it’s an emergency.

When your home furnace needs repair, give Kidders Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Kidder serves homes in Battle Creek, Marshall, Albion, Olivet and Greater Calhoun County. For non-emergency repairs, Kidder offers its “8 to 8, Same Great Rate” service, allowing homeowners to schedule evening service calls and not be charged overtime rates.

For emergency repairs, Kidder’s technicians are available 24/7/365 at reasonable emergency rates.

When a Gas Furnace Produces No Heat

Surprisingly when a furnace is producing no heat, this can be the simplest problem to solve. It can be a faulty thermostat (or even a thermostat mistakenly set to cool instead of heat), a circuit breaker or fuse is tripped or blown, or a problem with the furnace’s pilot light or electronic ignition. After you checked the obvious and made sure the thermostat is set correctly and the circuit breaker isn’t tripped, or continues to trip after you reset it, a Kidder technician will track down any problems with the ignition system, closed valves, or the cause of the tripped circuit breaker.

Furnace Does Not Produce Enough Heat

Here, too, the problem may be as simple as a dirty air filter. But if that’s not it, a technician may need to adjust the furnace burners.

A Gas Furnace Turns On and Off Too Frequently

A dirty furnace air filter can also be the cause of this problem, as could the heat anticipator in a thermostat. The problem, however, could also be in the blower motor, requiring a repair service call.

High Efficiency Condensing Furnaces

Modern high efficiency condensing furnaces are more complex than conventional furnaces, so when trouble occurs with one of these, it takes a technician with expert knowledge of the latest advances in heat exchanger technology to handle it. It’s in the heat exchanger that extracts heat from the combustion process where the condensing furnace finds its high fuel efficiency. The technology, however, also adds repair issues connected with venting and condensate drainage used in a direct vent condensing furnace.

Air Conditioner Repair

Central air conditioners are typically connected to the same forced-air distribution system used by a home’s furnace. The air conditioner itself has two main components, the condenser unit normally located outside the home, and the evaporator coil mounted above the furnace in the main duct junction.
The evaporator and condenser units are sealed, so call Kidder Heating and Cooling for any repair and maintenance beyond routine cleaning. You should also have our technicians come out to professionally inspect and adjust your air conditioning system each spring before the hot weather hits.

If the Condenser Doesn’t Run

As with your furnace, if the air conditioner’s condenser doesn’t run, the problem could be a tripped circuit breaker or a thermostat that’s faulty or merely set too high. If the problem, however, lies with the motor or compressor, it will take a repair technician to fix. A faulty compressor could also be the problem if the air conditioner doesn’t cool your home, or it could be not enough refrigerant in the system.

A condenser unit that repeatedly turns on and off or doesn’t cool f likely needs cleaning or could even be blocked by debris. You can clean the condenser coil and fins, clean the evaporator, and remove any debris blocking the condenser such as twigs, branches weeds and leaves.

Home Energy Audits

A professional Home Energy Auditor such as we have here at Kidder Heating & Air Conditioning can give you specific recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Thorough audits include such equipment as blower doors to measure the extent of air leaks in the building envelope, and infrared cameras to reveal difficult to detect areas of missing insulation an air infiltration.

High energy bills, drafts, moisture, mold, mildew, uneven temperatures from room-to-room, ice dams, controllable humidity can all be signs of a breakdown of your home’s balanced interior environment. Treating an obvious symptom without understanding the real problem behind it could actually make your situation worse. Getting an accurate picture of the energy efficiencies and deficiencies of the whole-house can be key to creating a comprehensive heating, ventilation and cooling system that improves your air quality and comfort, and saves you a significant amount in energy costs.

Call Kidder Heating & Cooling today to schedule your home energy audit and discover what you can do to save energy, save money and improve your personal environment.

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