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Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid HVAC Systems

Hybrid Systems include peace of mind, and substantial energy savings

Hybrid Systems combine a heat pump with a gas furnace. During the hot summer, the heat pump works to keep you cool. While heading into the cooler temperatures, the heat pump works to keep you warm. Once colder temperatures approach, the gas furnace operation is added to maintain that same comfort.

Air-source heat pumps have an electric heating coil that kicks in when the outside temperature falls below 40 degrees. What happens when the weather in Michigan dips into the teens or even sub-zero weather?

If you want the fuel efficiency of a heat pump but the reliable warmth of a gas furnace on those coldest days of winter, consider a hybrid system that gives you both. A hybrid delivers the efficiency you need in both cold and warm seasons, and gives you better control over your utility bills. But when the weather turns cold, a hybrid system automatically switches between your heat pump and a gas furnace. This allows the system to use the most cost-effective fuel source for the conditions while maintaining high energy efficiency.

If you’re thinking of using a hybrid system for your heating and cooling, the Kidder staff can help decide on the best and most cost effective options to keep your family comfortable and warm, or cool, depending on the season.


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