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Air Sterilization

Why is clean, sterilized air important?



In Michigan, where extreme cold weather is a common occurrence, having an efficient furnace is essential for every household. 

However, beyond merely delivering warmth to our homes, it is also important to ensure that the air we breathe indoors remains clean and healthy. This is where the benefit of air sterilization with ultraviolet (UV) light comes into play.

There are a couple of ways to sterilize but Kidder Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. has found ultraviolet light to be the most effective means to sterilize air. 

By incorporating UV light technology into furnaces and air conditioning units, a new level of protection can be achieved by neutralizing harmful microorganisms present in indoor air. 

The utilization of UV light effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and other airborne contaminants that may pose health risks to occupants. 

This innovative approach not only enhances indoor air quality but also contributes to creating safe and sanitary living spaces for families across Michigan.

This method is also used in hospitals and uses UV light to kill microorganisms in the air. Residential units are just as effective in killing mold and bacteria in homes.

High-Efficiency Filters

When it comes to furnaces and air conditioning systems in Michigan, one of the primary concerns is ensuring optimal indoor air quality. 


High-efficiency filters play a crucial role in maintaining clean and healthy air within residential and commercial spaces. 


These advanced filters are designed to capture fine particles that can pose significant health risks, such as pollution or even harmful substances emitted during wildfires. 


Breathing in poor-quality environments (sometimes due to smoke coming from wildfires in Canada) can have immediate negative consequences for your health such as coughing, asthma attacks, scratchy throats, eye irritations runny nose, headaches, or fatigue.


By effectively trapping these pollutants, high-efficiency filters not only help create a comfortable environment but also protect inhabitants from potential respiratory issues caused by inhaling contaminated air. 


Moreover, for added safety precautions, integrating carbon monoxide detectors with furnace systems ensures early detection of this odorless gas – promoting peace of mind for occupants all year round. With Furnaces & Air Conditioning high-efficiency filters installed, homes and businesses alike can enjoy improved indoor air quality while safeguarding against potential hazards lurking in the unseen surroundings.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Furnaces and air conditioning systems play a paramount role in maintaining optimal indoor air quality, particularly in regions like Michigan where extreme temperature fluctuations are common. 

Furnaces, powered by natural gas or oil, provide warmth during cold winters while air conditioning units ensure coolness and comfort during scorching summers. 

However, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential health hazards associated with these HVAC systems if not properly maintained. 

To mitigate risks such as carbon monoxide leaks, homeowners should install Carbon Monoxide Detectors alongside their furnace units to detect any presence of this deadly gas promptly. 

These detectors act as silent guardians protecting families from the invisible threats that may arise due to malfunctioning furnaces or improper ventilation within the heating system. 

By focusing on both performance and safety aspects of furnaces and air conditioning equipment, one can ensure an environment conducive to well-being for all residents throughout every season in Michigan's unpredictable climate.

Additional Return Air Runs

One often overlooked aspect of these systems is the importance of additional return air runs. These are channels that allow for the efficient flow of air back to the furnace or air conditioner from various parts of the building. If your house has a lack of air return it creates a change in air pressure in your home which can become uncomfortable. 


By strategically placing these additional return air runs throughout your space, you can achieve balanced airflow and eliminate hot or cold spots that can lead to discomfort and energy waste. 


Kidder Heating and Cooling Inc can create additional return air runs so that you can prevent future repairs, and hefty utility bills, and will extend the life of your appliances. 


With careful planning and professional installation of these critical components, your furnace, air conditioning unit will function at its best capacity while providing superior indoor comfort for years to come.

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