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Comfort Products

Whole House Humidifiers

Ductwork Modifications

Whole House Temperature Zoning

The right amount of humidity .

It is a cold winter night and your nose is congested, your head throbbing, and your throat feels like it was rubbed with sandpaper. One thing that everyone will tell you is to get a humidifier. And while you can get a small humidifier and find comfort in your room, there is even a better solution which is whole-house humidifiers. 


Humidifiers not only help with your comfort but can also be beneficial to your furniture. Whole-house humidifiers can easily be added to your current heating system and control the amount of humidity that comes through without creating mold or mildew.

Bringing Comfort Into The Home.

Do you have one room in your house that is burning hot while the rest of the rooms are freezing? A common problem that results in poor ventilation is faulty ductwork. Typically, up to 30% of cool or hot air can leak through the ducts due to potential holes or layout malfunctions. 


At Kidder Heating Inc, we can come in and assess if your ducts are efficiently funneling air, and repair or modify any outstanding issues. 


Are you wondering if your ducts are working properly? Give us a call today.

No More to TOO HOT and TOO COLD

One of the benefits of owning a house instead of an apartment is the extensive amount of space you can get with a house. However, if you are to have one central heating control, it can be difficult to keep everyone comfortable. If your kids like to sleep in warm temperatures while you sweat over 72 degrees, you might be looking for a zoning option. 


Whole House Temperature Zoning gives you the option to set different temperatures for different parts of the house. This brings a whole new level to comfort! Now does this cost more? 


No! It actually can save you up to 30% according to reports by the Department of Energy.


Stop waiting, and start saving! Contact us now.

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